We are a small team of creatives with a wide range of skills and experience. We love to travel and try new things! Some of us are married, some mamas, and some single ladies. We come from all different walks of life but have one thing in common: the ADVENTRESS spirit!

Our Mission

ADVENTRESS Magazine is more than a travel and lifestyle publication. We are a community of real women with real stories to tell. We want to inspire and empower women around the world to explore and have the courage to do things they never thought they could. We also aspire to educate women and share knowledge on travel, self-care and more.

Lillie Morales


Lillie Morales wears many hats. She has worked at companies including Walt Disney, Telemundo, and MTV Networks. After becoming a mom, she decided to take the path of an entrepreneur. She runs her own blog,, and multimedia business. One of Lillie’s favorite things to do is to go on adventures and discover new places. She aspires to inspire women to be the very best version of themselves and encourage them to do anything. One example can be seen in how she works closely with her daughter on charity projects. Lillie was recently named one of New Jersey’s top 10 fashion bloggers. Fashion, writing, and photography are her passions. She resides in New Jersey with her husband and daughter.

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dawn gibson

Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

Founder / Travel and Lifestyle Editor

Dawn is a Lifestyle blogger who covers fashion, beauty, travel and automotive at SimplySassyStyle She also runs Facebook (Sassy Auto Chicks) and Instagram accounts, communities for auto gals to be featured on. She is all about adventure and creating opportunities for other women. When not creating content, you can bet she’s on a cool trip or driving a cool car! Her colorful personality and style are what make her so unique. She inspires women of all colors (and all ages) to reach for their dreams and follow their hearts.
Dawn resides in South Florida.

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Contributor / Foodie

Catherine, also known as “Cat” is a Brooklyn native currently living in Central Florida. This gal is in her 30s and began her journey for cuisine years ago out of her love for cooking. “I would watch videos and try new recipes which then led me on a journey to explore new restaurants and dive deeper into the world of cuisine. I began photographing the dishes, as well as the restaurant interior and uploading them on Google, where I also write short reviews on my overall visit. Food brings people together and knowing that so many rely on reviews and photos makes me want to share that with the world!”


Beauty & Lifestyle Writer

Lucy Valdez is a mom, wife, full time professional, and creative influencer in the cruelty free beauty sphere. Her content focuses on vegan and cruelty free beauty and lifestyle products to help her readers save the bunnies 🐰 Living in sunny South Florida, she divides her time as an event consultant, wife to her husband of over 20 years and mom to her two teenagers and five furbabies.  She also loves reading, mermaids, and cocktails by the pool 🧜‍♀️🍹

Natalie Merola

Natalie “Kitty” Merola

Contributor / Lifestyle Blogger and Auto Journalist

Kitty is a journalist, blogger, and purveyor of style from Miami, Florida. She’s worked at The Miami Herald, PBS, Johnny Cupcakes, and On The Dot Woman. She regularly appears on NBC’s KXAN show Studio 512 TV for beauty, style, and philanthropy segments, while also writing and producing full time with A Girls Guide to Cars. Kitty became a mom and started her blog around the same time she moved with her husband to their new home in Austin, Texas. She wanted to explore the new city to find fashion, beauty, and must-see events. Kitty is passionate about women empowerment and is always cheering her fellow girl bosses on. Fashion, beauty, automotive, travel, writing, art, and music help her channel the brightness she loves sharing with the world with a fresh perspective. 

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Contributor Guidelines

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  • Must be able to contribute at least 1x per month.
  • Absolutely NO spam links will be accepted.
  • Articles must be 150-300 words.
  • Must include a headshot and bio.
  • Content must be relatable. For example, travel destinations, restaurant reviews, charity + travel stories; etc.
  • Must be original content. Covering an event for multiple outlets is ok as long as the content is NOT the same.
  • Articles should contain original photos but if needed, we can help with that.
  • Must agree to share your work on social media and be active in our community group.
  • Must have a positive attitude and outlook on life! And a desire to inspire and empower others!
  • Because we are in BETA mode, there is no pay. However, if interested, we can send you to events, provide products or experiences to review and more.
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