Staycation: Travel in the Time of Corona

While we encourage our readers to travel, this may not be the best time. Many people have come home to quarantine or had to stay trapped on cruise ships. Is it worth all of that? Probably not. So we’ve come up with some fun ideas on planning a staycation during your quarantine. What’s a Staycation?Continue reading “Staycation: Travel in the Time of Corona”

Tasty Travels: A New Journey

My journey for cuisine began years ago out of my love for cooking. I would watch videos and try new recipes which then led me on a new journey to explore restaurants and dive deeper into the world of cuisine. I began photographing the dishes, as well as the restaurant interior and uploading them ontoContinue reading “Tasty Travels: A New Journey”

Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo (at least once)

It sounds scary. Getting on a plane alone, staying in a hotel alone, eating alone. Doing everything alone in a foreign place. When I tell my friends about my experience traveling solo, they look horrified. They question how I handled it, if I was afraid or if I felt homesick. Yes, yes and yes is the answer. But here’s why every woman should travel solo (at least once).

Charleston, South Carolina: How it Took My Breath Away

I recently had the opportunity to explore Charleston, South Carolina while on a work trip, and while there I did what I do best… explore. I am infamous for doing what I call a “twofer” (2 for 1). Whenever I travel for work, I ALWAYS make sure that I explore the area where I’m stayingContinue reading “Charleston, South Carolina: How it Took My Breath Away”