Spring Break: Marina Style

My two-day trip to Ft Lauderdale for a hair appointment turned into a little vacation of sorts. And what a fun trip it was! When I don’t stay with family down south, I like to try new hotels. This time, my trip took me to the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina. More Reading: Travel Sized Beauty Must-HavesContinue reading “Spring Break: Marina Style”

Pet Travel: 9 Pet-friendly Airlines in America

Traveling with your fur baby? Before packing them up, be sure to book with an airline and cares and understand the importance of pet travel. Here is a list of 9 pet-friendly airlines in America to help you decide. More Reading: Travel Sized Beauty Must-Haves Most pet-friendly U.S. airlines American Airlines: Best for West Coast travel UnitedContinue reading “Pet Travel: 9 Pet-friendly Airlines in America”

Celebrating Mardi Gras

When Fat Tuesday arrives in New Orleans this year it will be a little different. Normally more than one million attendees would pack the streets of New Orleans, but due to COVID, all the Mardi Gras parades are canceled. But don’t fret, the holiday is still being celebrated, it’s just a little different this year,Continue reading “Celebrating Mardi Gras”

Rebelle Rally: 5 things I learned from glamping with a fierce group of women

When I first heard of the Rebelle Rally, I was instantly intrigued. After learning how it celebrated women and showcased their badassery, I immediately added it to my bucket list. So when Mitsubishi Motors and Record the Journey, invited me to cover this year’s event- I was ecstatic! This year’s rally started in Nevada andContinue reading “Rebelle Rally: 5 things I learned from glamping with a fierce group of women”

10 Black Travel Influencers We Love To Follow

We are having major travel withdrawals. Traveling is a form of freedom and with everything going on, that freedom has been put on pause. And though we can’t physically catch a flight right now, we’ve been daydreaming again, spending countless hours on IG, living vicariously through the eyes of some our favorite black travel influencers.Continue reading “10 Black Travel Influencers We Love To Follow”

Yes, You Can Afford to Take that Dream Vacation- Here’s How

Similar to StubHub, there’s now a way to afford those pricey dream vacations you never thought you could afford. You know we had to let you in on this one. Keep reading for the deets. ELUXIT makes that possible by allowing sellers to sell purchased trips they cannot take and recoup most of the moneyContinue reading “Yes, You Can Afford to Take that Dream Vacation- Here’s How”

Virtual Travel Guide: No Passport Needed

Since Rona has pretty much made it impossible to physically travel, we are taking the virtual route. So grab a glass of wine, get comfy, and let’s explore some cool and exciting places from our couches.