Business Women: 4 Ways to Support without Spending a Dime

Happy Women’s History Month! The month of March is certainly something to celebrate for women but in order for us to get to where we are now, we had to support one another. Grow together, learn together, connect each other. We had to support one another’s, endeavors, ideas, and businesses. Not sure how to showContinue reading “Business Women: 4 Ways to Support without Spending a Dime”

Relationships: 3 Reasons Not to Tell Loved Ones TOO Much

Friends and family are great, aren’t they? They are the ones you usually go to for everything. You want to share things with them. They are your VIPs, after all. You even want to tell them all the good and the bad, too- even when it comes to relationships. But how much should you reallyContinue reading “Relationships: 3 Reasons Not to Tell Loved Ones TOO Much”

Friends: 3 Ways to Catch Up During the Fall Season

Fall is here! This time of year is the best for catching up with friends. 2020 has shown us that it is important to value friendships in a way we have not before. It’s good for mental health and part of self care. After months of isolation, here a few ideas for some COVID safe outdoor fall fun.