10 Black Travel Influencers We Love To Follow

We are having major travel withdrawals. Traveling is a form of freedom and with everything going on, that freedom has been put on pause. And though we can’t physically catch a flight right now, we’ve been daydreaming again, spending countless hours on IG, living vicariously through the eyes of some our favorite black travel influencers.Continue reading “10 Black Travel Influencers We Love To Follow”

Yes, You Can Afford to Take that Dream Vacation- Here’s How

Similar to StubHub, there’s now a way to afford those pricey dream vacations you never thought you could afford. You know we had to let you in on this one. Keep reading for the deets. ELUXIT makes that possible by allowing sellers to sell purchased trips they cannot take and recoup most of the moneyContinue reading “Yes, You Can Afford to Take that Dream Vacation- Here’s How”

Xcaret Park and Hotel Re-Open- Here’s What You Should Know

Throughout my travels, Riviera Maya, Mexico holds so many special memories. My husband took me as a surprise for our ten year wedding anniversary. Everything was perfect from the food, people and places. There is so much beauty there and now, you can make plans to see it for yourself. But What About Covid? TheContinue reading “Xcaret Park and Hotel Re-Open- Here’s What You Should Know”

How a Mini Staycation in Orlando Saved My Sanity

With the dramatic changes to our lives and the way we travel, these last few months have been especially hard for a lot of people. We have a seen a shift in many of the businesses we frequent and I was able to witness this firsthand as I booked myself into a hotel for aContinue reading “How a Mini Staycation in Orlando Saved My Sanity”

Frida Kahlo Fans Celebrate Museum Week 2020 from Home

Last week, artists and fans around the world celebrated #MuseumWeek2020. One way Frida Kahlo fans celebrated was by recreating her artwork from the exhibit, “Frida y Yo,” through home photos. La Rodadora, a museum located in Juarez, Mexico, is encouraging the world to participate in the challenge by using things from home to recreate FridaContinue reading “Frida Kahlo Fans Celebrate Museum Week 2020 from Home”

Virtual Travel Guide: No Passport Needed

Since Rona has pretty much made it impossible to physically travel, we are taking the virtual route. So grab a glass of wine, get comfy, and let’s explore some cool and exciting places from our couches.

Tacos: Miami Beach style

Tacos anyone? Yes, please! Whenever I’m in South Florida there’s this one spot and I’m going to let you in on the secret. Located on Lincoln Road right in the heart of Miami Beach is Huahua’s Taqueria. I actually found this gem while watching the Food Network, on a show called Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.Continue reading “Tacos: Miami Beach style”

LEGO: See the World Brick by Brick

It’s unsafe to travel with the current pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy indoors. Keep your mind focused and create fun for the whole family (or yourself). Whether you’re solo or shacked up with your closest loved ones, you can unplug from googling future travel destinations and get building instead. JET-LEGOContinue reading “LEGO: See the World Brick by Brick”