Best Road Trip Tips and Ideas for 2021

Guest Post by Sandy Sandhu Are you planning on going on a road trip and are wondering what to pack for your road trip? Then it’s time to plan! Let’s discuss the best road trip tips and ideas to help you plan your next road trip. More Reading: Travel Sized Beauty Must-Haves Maps Call me old-fashionedContinue reading “Best Road Trip Tips and Ideas for 2021”

The Best Places to Visit this Summer for Kids and Adults on the Autism Spectrum

April is Autism Awareness Month. It is also the month when the weather begins to transition. And the perfect time to start getting out and enjoying activities. This is usually pretty simple for families unaffected by Autism but for those that are, it takes planning and preparation, especially in the day and age of COVID-19.Continue reading “The Best Places to Visit this Summer for Kids and Adults on the Autism Spectrum”

Spring Break: Marina Style

My two-day trip to Ft Lauderdale for a hair appointment turned into a little vacation of sorts. And what a fun trip it was! When I don’t stay with family down south, I like to try new hotels. This time, my trip took me to the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina. More Reading: Travel Sized Beauty Must-HavesContinue reading “Spring Break: Marina Style”

Pet Travel: 9 Pet-friendly Airlines in America

Traveling with your fur baby? Before packing them up, be sure to book with an airline and cares and understand the importance of pet travel. Here is a list of 9 pet-friendly airlines in America to help you decide. More Reading: Travel Sized Beauty Must-Haves Most pet-friendly U.S. airlines American Airlines: Best for West Coast travel UnitedContinue reading “Pet Travel: 9 Pet-friendly Airlines in America”

Destination Africa: My First International Trip

My girlfriend said, “Pack your bag, pack your husband, we are going on an adventure to Africa.” We saved up for 18 months and paid for most of the trip in advance. Little did I know, the itinerary was still being baked. My girlfriend is the only person in the world I’d trust with anContinue reading “Destination Africa: My First International Trip”

Black Owned Hotels You MUST Visit

Happy Black History Month!  As stated in my previous AA Historic Locations article, I find that the older I get, the more I am all about experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I still get excited from the smell of a brand new luxury handbag but I get just as excited about traveling and staying inContinue reading “Black Owned Hotels You MUST Visit”

Dinosaur Drive-Thru: Family Adventures

Traveling came to a halt, and with safety always top of mind when it comes to our families, the Dinosaur Drive-Thru got creative. So what’s a family to do when stuck inside all day, everyday? Safely, socially-distanced events like this allow you to travel to another place in time. More Reading: The Best Road TripContinue reading “Dinosaur Drive-Thru: Family Adventures”