5 minute Beauty: Look Good on Zoom

Hello lovely ladies! I hope this quarantine has not made you lose your mind yet. But in during all of this, work has not stopped. I’m sure a lot of us have side hustles which are now carried on over the net – a’la the ubiquitous Zoom meetings. Ahhh! The awkwardness of being on camera.Continue reading “5 minute Beauty: Look Good on Zoom”

Travel Sized Beauty Must-Haves

If there’s anything I prioritize when traveling, it’s beauty. Aside from other essentials, of course. Packing the right travel-sized beauty products into your bag when traveling is a must. I value these things so much, I always place my makeup and skincare bags in my carry-on. In case your luggage gets lost, wouldn’t you stillContinue reading “Travel Sized Beauty Must-Haves”

What’s in My Makeup Bag

When I was a young girl, I remember trying on my mother’s lipstick. I’d dip into her makeup bag wanting to emulate the stars on television. I knew I liked what I saw when celebrities would adorn our favorite magazine covers, concerts and awards shows, but I didn’t know how to achieve those looks. LearningContinue reading “What’s in My Makeup Bag”

Makeup: Highschool Vs. Now

So there is this trend…you may have stumbled upon it on Tiktok… it’s something called VSCO?!?!  If you haven’t heard about this photo editing app-inspired term of endearment, the VSCO girl, you may be stuck in some kind of crazy apocalyptic pandemic 🤔 We have seen our old high school trends come back around timeContinue reading “Makeup: Highschool Vs. Now”