My Weight Loss Journey + Tips for Healthy Eating

Do we even want to talk about 2020? I know that a worldwide pandemic has pretty much taken over the way we are currently living, but I have to say…2020 has been pretty good to me. Or should I say, I have been very good to me and 2020 is when I made the consciousContinue reading “My Weight Loss Journey + Tips for Healthy Eating”

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower and Mushroom Gratin: a Family Favorite

If ever there was a go~to recipe in my repertoire this is it! It is super easy, super delicious, and did I mention that cauliflower is my absolute favorite vegetable??? If you didn’t know how great cauliflower is, let me give you the rundown… High in Fiber and Choline Great Source of Antioxidants Rich inContinue reading “Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower and Mushroom Gratin: a Family Favorite”

Makeup: Highschool Vs. Now

So there is this trend…you may have stumbled upon it on Tiktok… it’s something called VSCO?!?!  If you haven’t heard about this photo editing app-inspired term of endearment, the VSCO girl, you may be stuck in some kind of crazy apocalyptic pandemic 🤔 We have seen our old high school trends come back around timeContinue reading “Makeup: Highschool Vs. Now”