Spring Break: Marina Style

My two-day trip to Ft Lauderdale for a hair appointment turned into a little vacation of sorts. And what a fun trip it was! When I don’t stay with family down south, I like to try new hotels. This time, my trip took me to the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina. More Reading: Travel Sized Beauty Must-HavesContinue reading “Spring Break: Marina Style”

Planning for the Ski Slopes

My first adventure in Colorado calls for some organization. I tend to overpack and usually end up bringing things I don’t need. Doesn’t everyone? Writing this article may serve as a guide for others, but will benefit me as well. Pre-planning for Flight Time I will be flying with Southwest from Orlando to Denver andContinue reading “Planning for the Ski Slopes”

What’s in My Makeup Bag

When I was a young girl, I remember trying on my mother’s lipstick. I’d dip into her makeup bag wanting to emulate the stars on television. I knew I liked what I saw when celebrities would adorn our favorite magazine covers, concerts and awards shows, but I didn’t know how to achieve those looks. LearningContinue reading “What’s in My Makeup Bag”

How a Mini Staycation in Orlando Saved My Sanity

With the dramatic changes to our lives and the way we travel, these last few months have been especially hard for a lot of people. We have a seen a shift in many of the businesses we frequent and I was able to witness this firsthand as I booked myself into a hotel for aContinue reading “How a Mini Staycation in Orlando Saved My Sanity”

Tacos: Miami Beach style

Tacos anyone? Yes, please! Whenever I’m in South Florida there’s this one spot and I’m going to let you in on the secret. Located on Lincoln Road right in the heart of Miami Beach is Huahua’s Taqueria. I actually found this gem while watching the Food Network, on a show called Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.Continue reading “Tacos: Miami Beach style”

New York: A Birthday Well Spent

When in New York, one must eat all the things. Especially that New York pizza. There’s just nothing like it. On a recent trip for my birthday, I got to stop by my go-to classic eateries and discover some new places, too. Lombardi’s One cold afternoon, I was welcomed with the fresh aroma of basil,Continue reading “New York: A Birthday Well Spent”

Tasty Travels: A New Journey

My journey for cuisine began years ago out of my love for cooking. I would watch videos and try new recipes which then led me on a new journey to explore restaurants and dive deeper into the world of cuisine. I began photographing the dishes, as well as the restaurant interior and uploading them ontoContinue reading “Tasty Travels: A New Journey”