Best Road Trip Tips and Ideas for 2021

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Guest Post by Sandy Sandhu

Are you planning on going on a road trip and are wondering what to pack for your road trip? Then it’s time to plan! Let’s discuss the best road trip tips and ideas to help you plan your next road trip.

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Call me old-fashioned but I highly suggest printing out directions and maps. Google maps work best, of course, but imagine if your phone dies or there’s no wifi? You’ll wish you had a hard copy. So be prepared and carry a physical map.

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Selecting the Right Car

Selecting the most comfortable and practical car is something important to consider especially when you are traveling with your kids, family, or grandparents. Make sure car registration, proof of auto insurance, and a copy of your driver’s license are must to keep in your car in case of any emergencies. You want to make sure you have a roadside assistance phone number handy. And last but not least, be sure the car is prepped with things like water, a first aid kit, spare tire; etc.

Clean Your Car

Clean your car ahead and keep it clean during your road trip by keeping a wastebasket in the car. Keep it by the passenger seat and take the trash out at every stop. Also, carry a cleaning kit including disinfectant wipes, paper towels, Lysol, hand sanitizer, and gloves. They’re not only helpful in cleaning your car but in the hotel rooms that may need some extra cleaning and care. 2021 may still have COVID in it but it doesn’t mean it has to stop us from traveling. We just have to be extra careful and practice safety (and sanitary) precautions.

Cash is King

Always carry cash and an extra credit card with you for your road trip. In case you forget to grab your wallet, you have nothing. And some places may only take cash (seriously!). Or what if you lose your wallet on the road? It’s always best to be prepared. Keep cash and an extra credit card in a separate bag or perhaps keep a safe inside of your car.

Spare Keys

Ever been locked out of the car? You should have a copy of your car key (if possible). This is helpful if you lose one of the keys or lock your keys in the car. If each person carries a car key, then you have even better backup.

Hands free Phone Holder

When you’re on the road, the phone can wait. Of course, you can always use a hands-free system or phone holders to help. Keep a phone holder in the car and if you are renting a car then you know that rental cars do not come with a phone holder. Buy one so you can install it in the rental.

Road Trip Lunch Ideas

Ready To Eat Snacks

You need good and healthy snacks and drinks to keep you energized while you are on a road trip. Pick up some nonperishable and perishable snacks and plan ahead. Don’t forget things like mints, chewing gum, and drinks, too.

packing luggage
Fit it all in a carry-on and skip baggage pickup! 📸Brandless

Road Trip Tips For Families

Advance Booking And Leave Early

Do not plan to drive and reach the destination without booking your rental apartments or hotels in advance. This can save you lots of time (and headache). Always plan to leave early in the morning, especially when traveling with kids. The kids stay asleep in the car and you can cover more distance faster since the traffic is low in the mornings.

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Always download your multi-media. This will keep you occupied during your road trips. Spotify playlists and audiobooks can help to keep you and the kids entertained. If you have a tablet, download some family movies for the backseat passengers.

Take Quick Stretch Breaks

Stretch breaks keep you and the kids excited and relaxed. Make sure to stretch every time you stop at a station. Breathe, do some jumping jacks, stretch and keep on truckin.’

Happy Road Tripping!

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