The Best Places to Visit this Summer for Kids and Adults on the Autism Spectrum

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April is Autism Awareness Month. It is also the month when the weather begins to transition. And the perfect time to start getting out and enjoying activities. This is usually pretty simple for families unaffected by Autism but for those that are, it takes planning and preparation, especially in the day and age of COVID-19.

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Those with Autism may not be as well adjusted to wearing masks for long periods of time which can cause discomfort to others not wanting to be exposed. A great way to prepare is by knowing a few fun yet comfortable places to go with kids and adults on the autism spectrum.

Drive Through Safari / Zoo

This is a perfect outing that’s safe and fun! A drive-through safari or zoo is a great family day. You get to enjoy the outdoors, see wildlife, and stay safe. Completely mask-free.

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

Beach Day

A beach day is always a fun option. It’s easy to stay socially distanced and you can enjoy the calm, soothing environment.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Outdoor Museum or Art Exhibit

An outdoor exhibit is a great way to merge both worlds of culture and outdoor activity. There will be a need, in most of these settings, to wear a mask when entering entry ways and when passing other guests, so just be prepared to adhere to those guidelines.

Autism Awareness Month
Photo by Sunbae Legacy from Pexels

Family Picnic

Nothing beats grabbing a blanket and your favorite foods for a family picnic. The awesome thing about this is that you supply all of the food, so it is perfect for a person on the spectrum. Those with autism may be particular about textures or just simply set on certain foods they eat, so with you providing their favorites, it makes the day that much more of a great time.

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Happy and Safe

These suggestions are sure to make your spring and summer time less stressful. And allow you to focus on having some fun in the sun. Remember to pack the sunscreen and the snacks 😉

Be safe and enjoy!

Published by Sadie Pegues-Hall

Sadie Pegues-Hall lives in Bucks County, PA and divides her creative time between, event planning and freelance writing. She has been a dating and relationship contributor since 2014 offering honest insight. Sadie has appeared in such publications as Jersey Fashionista Magazine, Height Magazine, Womenz Straight Talk Magazine, Social Lifestyle Magazine and Adventuress Magazine. She has also been seen lending her relationship wisdom on the reality show Learn How to Marry Me and is the content creator for her Youtube channel, Sadie Says It All. Sadie is a wife, a mother to two girls, one of which has autism, a stepmom, and a doggie mom. She is the founder of several autism awareness events which are dear to her heart.

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