Spring Break: Marina Style

ft lauderdale marina

My two-day trip to Ft Lauderdale for a hair appointment turned into a little vacation of sorts. And what a fun trip it was! When I don’t stay with family down south, I like to try new hotels. This time, my trip took me to the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina.

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Much Needed Vacay Vibes

Located right on the water underneath the bridge, it offers the beach vibe you want without the oceanfront prices around this time of year for travel. I arrived at night and took shots of the lobby and check-in area. The large window catches your eye upon walking in and gives you a nice view of the marina and yachts outside. (Covid-19 restrictions still applied with a mask being required and spaces on the floor indicating a 6 feet distance from others.)

A Hotel that Did Not Disappoint

The hotel itself has two different options: the high-rise section or the 3 story villas they offer. Upon making my reservation I did not know this but was pleasantly surprised. My room was located on the lower floor and I thought that would come with disappointment but it made me feel like I was sitting right on the water and I ended up loving it! With 2 queen beds and a patio terrace outside, it was spacious and clean. The blue-white and gold theme of the room was calming and fit the style perfectly. I loved the beautifully tiled nautical blue shower along with an expansive rain head fixture. It’s those nice details that I look for.

Outside, there’s a large pool with a dock that was home to the bar area. Yachts rolled in and out to have a drink and or just docked playing party music creating that spring break vibe we all love.

As our hotel stay came to an end I made sure to capture the beauty in the daytime as well to give the full ambiance of the Hilton. Just as busy, you’re able to see more details from our room & the pool area. We enjoyed our complimentary breakfast and headed out to explore the surrounding shops. I would highly recommend a stay at this hotel. Make sure to bring a bathing suit to soak up the sun and take advantage of all there is to offer.

Good Eats

Before we headed back home, an impromptu meet-up with family led to a Brunch stop. I located a popular spot in the Coral Springs area called Tap 42 Craft Kitchen & Bar. When you talk about “a vibe” this place defines that. The thumping music and great smells drew me in immediately. Did I mention bottomless Mimosas! They offer a flavor-packed menu full of delicious options including Fried Chicken & Waffles which I knew would be my personal choice.

Good Energy, Food and Service

The place was packed and full of energy. Our waitress was attentive and the food came out fairly quickly. My friend enjoyed the Salmon Tostones with her Mimosas and I dived into the Fried Chicken & Waffles, which were to die for! The waffles had a funnel cake-like flavor I enjoyed and the chicken was crispy and seasoned perfectly. I couldn’t ask for more from this place and will definitely be back. I suggest walking in because the reservations are usually booked up. She told us the wait would be 45 minutes when in reality it was about 20. It was well worth it and I look forward to my next visit.

See you next time Ft Lauderdale!

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Hi, my name is Catherine. I am 31 from Brooklyn, New York and currently live in Central Florida. My journey for cuisine began years ago out of my love for cooking. I would watch videos and try new recipes which then led me on a journey to explore new restaurants and dive deeper into the world of cuisine. I began photographing the dishes, as well as the restaurant interior and uploading them on Google, where I also write short reviews on my overall visit. Food brings people together and knowing that so many rely on reviews and photos makes me want to continue contributing in any way I can.

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