5 minute Beauty: Look Good on Zoom

5 minute makeup look

Hello lovely ladies! I hope this quarantine has not made you lose your mind yet. But in during all of this, work has not stopped. I’m sure a lot of us have side hustles which are now carried on over the net – a’la the ubiquitous Zoom meetings. Ahhh! The awkwardness of being on camera. But not to worry, I’ve got a 5 minute beauty tutorial for you to look good on Zoom. So keep on reading.

My city has loosened up some restrictions but it’s still not back to normal. And there’s still Zoom. I’m definitely not a morning person and usually wake up 30 mins before my work starts. Of course, coffee takes the first precedence and then I quickly sort myself before logging in – hoping most of the “freshening” work is done by the caffeine 😉

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5 minute Beauty: Look Good on Zoom

  1. Moisturize. First things first, after cleansing, never ever skip the moisturizer. Use whatever is suitable for your skin. Apply with your fingertips and lightly massage your face (upward) to help it absorb.

I love using Bye Bye Redness by it Cosmetics.

2. Prime. Now that your skin is prepped, you can add an extra layer of primer. If you have textured skin (or are if you are just lazy like me), skip straight to concealer. I have dark circles so I put my concealer under the eyes, inner corner of the eyes where there’s some shadow, and on the other areas if you have redness or breakouts.

Tip: Your fingers are your best tools but blenders make the job quick- so, dab,dab,dab!

3. Set it into place. Set the concealer with a light application of powder. You can skip this step if your skin is very dry. Or use a mattifying powder if you’re oily like me. If you use a tinted powder, it can double up as more coverage – win, win!

4. Brows are a MUST. Never ever forget your brows. They really do frame your face. Even a light brush with a brow set is enough. I trust my Benefit pencil.

benefit brow pencil

5. Add a glow factor. If you still feel that you’re not looking fresh enough, add some highlighter to specific areas: top of the eyebrows, high points of cheeks, bridge of the nose etc. will lift your face and seem like a “she-eats-healthy” type of glow.

6. Mascara is everything. Whether you skip any of the above steps, never miss your mascara. A good mascara will elevate your look like nothing else. Seriously, it’s an instant wake me up!


7. A good lip color! You can use a neutral lip for work but for cocktail hour with your buds, take it a step above and use fun colors like fuschia, red or plum.

8. If you’re always in a hurry like me, carry multi-use products. Eye crayons that double up as highlighters or eyeshadows, a liquid blush that can be used as a lip-stain. I’ve used regular lipstick as a blush or a wash of color on the eyes too. It’s all about multitasking and saving time.

5 minute makeup look

All of these steps will take less than 5 mins once you get to it. Try these on your next Zoom call.

Note from the author: This was my first article on Adventress! I will definitely look out for feedback from all you lovely ladies 🙂

Au revoir!

Hello, I’M beeNii- Techie by day, beauty enthusiast by night! just ur neighborhood gal with an eye for style, beauty and how to enhance the best that you’ve got – with minimal effort 🙂 I blog on BeautyandEverythingElse. but I’m really active on my Instagram. Let’s be friends!


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