Wellness: Spring Cleaning for YOU

There are so many ways to welcome Spring vibes into your self-care goals. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to self-care so what works for some can be a hard pass for others. We just have to be willing to shamelessly take up space for ourselves. With the Spring Equinox happening in just a few weeks, it makes for the perfect time to shift our focus to things that will continue to raise our vibrations with the new season.

New Beginnings

The promise of Spring stirs feelings of hope, opportunity, and expansion for us and our surroundings. Even though we can experience these feelings during different times of the year, nothing does it quite like Springtime. The new season causes an explosion of energy, new growth, and the reawakening that happens every year without fail. It’s a great time for self-transformational actions and activity.

Create a self-care plan

What’s motivating you this season? What do you want to be motivated by? Have a sit down with YOURSELF and dig into what you want the upcoming Spring season to look like. The easiest way to map this out is with a pen, paper, and authenticity. If you haven’t been, it’s time to lean in and listen to your truth. Your values, spirit, and personality are all pretty much the inner voice of self-care guidance.

Thoughts to put on paper:

What do you value most about your time or day? (Do you get your workouts in first thing or have a morning ritual that sets the tone for your day? What about mid-day and evening times? Write those things down.)
What are your goals? Intentions?
Where do you want your journey to take you this season?
What obstacles need to be removed?

Make decisions with your higher self in mind. Create your plan of action and put it on your calendar so you don’t miss out!

Raise the energy in your home

So this is the quintessential Spring vibe but it’s also so necessary for self-care. Open your windows, add some honeysuckle fragrance to your essential oil diffuser and welcome the magic of Spring air. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Spring was easily one of my favorite times of the year because the air always carried this amazingly fresh scent. I’d open my window and cloud watch for hours just letting those first Spring breezes flow over me.

shift the mood with lighting

Adding additional lighting to your space can help shift the mood until the Spring showers and clouds have passed. Ideally, lighting up the areas of your space where the most time spent is what’s going to be most beneficial but preference is Queen. I have a string of lights in my office set on a timer to turn off and on daily. It brightens up space as we shift to later times of the day and it’s ultra-relaxing if I happen to be in there working as the sunsets. Soft lighting, candles, and aromatherapeutic scents just create an overall cozier atmosphere in our home space. It’s perfectly normal and highly gratifying for your environmental wellbeing to create a feeling of intimacy with the surroundings of your choosing.

Set self-care boundaries

Your self-care plan comes with boundaries. A necessary step for consciously taking up space for yourself. And there are no excuses needed. Saying “no”, making yourself a priority, putting your phone on do not disturb, ignoring your doorbell are all pathways to moving with intention toward more of what you want for yourself. This is your moment and time to make permanent changes. Embrace it.

Let your creative thoughts go wild

Whether you prefer to have a camera in your hand, a blank page waiting for the pen, or a grocery list in mind for a new recipe- it’s time to put it in action. Don’t overthink it, just commit to seeing it through. The joy you gain from simply doing something you love or have been wanting to experience helps fuel the fire of self-discovery.

However, you decide to usher in this new season I encourage you to do so living your most nourished and balanced life throughout it and beyond. Make yourself a priority, you’re worth it 😉

Published by Jessica Teixeira

Jessica is the creator of The Vegan Gloss, a site dedicated to her vegan lifestyle, and heads an online self-care shop specializing in vegan goods.

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