Destination Africa: My First International Trip


My girlfriend said, “Pack your bag, pack your husband, we are going on an adventure to Africa.” We saved up for 18 months and paid for most of the trip in advance. Little did I know, the itinerary was still being baked. My girlfriend is the only person in the world I’d trust with an international trip. And she did not disappoint.

Travel to Africa

My first non-island international trip was to Africa with my husband and about 40 of our friends and their families. We traveled to Cape Town, a quick layover in Dubai (long enough to go to Denny’s for breakfast and tour the Burj Khalifa), and risked it all in Egypt.

The flight to Cape Town was symbolic as we approached the runway. We flew past Table Mountain, I mentally was whisked away back to a scene in The Black Panther. We had arrived.

Up 2,700 feet overlooking Dubai at the Burj Khalifa

Cape Town was extremely modern. I was a bit disappointed at first. I had envisioned shanties with African children running about, dirt roads, and village shops. Instead, our resort was perched next to a mall bigger than any in my hometown. There were a few more malls, (including the upscale shops you’d see on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills) they were instead on the pier overlooking Robbin Island, a must-see. Just pack your DiGize Essential Oils, the protein is a bit interesting.

So Much Beauty to Explore

We stood on top of Table Mountain in utter awe, but later on that week I would be standing on top of the world. Africa is breathtakingly beautiful from that vantage point. Despite a little dust-up in the car with my main squeeze, this trip was the gift that kept giving (pack ALL the Essential Oils). Long flights will test your patience, take a deep breath and remember your why.

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We visited Robbin Island, observed the stories and the cell of the late apartheid revolutionary and South African President, Nelson Mandela. That day will forever be etched in my memory. We were guided by a gentleman who served time with Mandela, he had a way with words. Needless to say, we felt his spirit that day and I can’t wait to return.

But that was only the beginning, we departed Cape Town after a few days and flew to Dubai. Despite being terrified of heights I was talked into riding an elevator 2, 722 feet in the air to stand on a glass deck in the tallest building in the world. I think I emptied by Valor Roll On in a few sweeps. As of now, I’m kinda over my fear of heights (could be the oils) but you won’t see me signing up to stand on top of the world any time soon.

Africa, Egypt, Cairo
Beautiful couples spa day: massage followed by a private bath for two.

Last Stop: Egypt

Cairo, Egypt was the last stop. We were met by a full-on police escort to a beautiful resort. We spent an entire stay under armed guards. A little off-putting but we ticked off plenty on the bucket list including visiting an Egyptian museum, (where I was mobbed by local girls), the Pyramids, a camel ride in the desert (see the theme of dramatic heights, but so worth it), and a visit to a perfumery topped with a night show with the Sphinx in the background. Yes, that was one entire day. On that trip, we cruised the Nile, ate the most delicious foods, and enjoyed a couples spa, in Egypt.

Fight Your Fears and Take the Trip

Ten days around the world, all expectations were quickly set aside and the adventure was entirely worth it. I learned that you are never too old to get over your fears, live your dreams by facing your fears and enjoy first-ever experiences.

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