Planning for the Ski Slopes

ski slopes

My first adventure in Colorado calls for some organization. I tend to overpack and usually end up bringing things I don’t need. Doesn’t everyone? Writing this article may serve as a guide for others, but will benefit me as well.

Pre-planning for Flight Time

I will be flying with Southwest from Orlando to Denver and I am curious as to the new rules and regulations (with Covid-19 still in place). I’ll be sure to have my mask and face shield on hand. It’s always best to be prepared when traveling these days. With extra baggage comes an extra cost so to ensure I stay within the 50lb limit of my checked bags, I invested in a nice handheld digital weigher for my suitcase. I bought this one on Amazon a year ago. You can always find great deals on their website.

Luggage that Stands Out

For my luggage, I chose the hard shell suitcases for their durability. We know they get tossed around, so something darker in color as well. I like the brand Hey’s and the Black and Gold Marble is such a classic look that you can easily spot when it comes time to pick it up baggage claim. The inside pattern is stylish as well and holds a great amount of clothing with the 3 compartments. I bought these directly from their website and it came as a set. They have many styles to choose from.

Keep Things Travel Sized in Your Carry On

To limit my overpacking of make-up, accessories, and hygiene products, I’ve chosen three small bags that should serve me well for my 4-day trip. I like to buy travel-size items like lotion, mouth wash, and toothpaste to save on space. For my makeup, I keep it easy with my base foundation and one palette for a great eye look. With a mask being required in most places keeping it simple is the way to go right now. Make sure to put this in your checked bag. I once had to toss a very expensive bottle of perfume because the liquid was over the amount allowed on the plane. Take a small backpack on the plane for your phone, money, laptop, and headphones for personal use on the long journey.

More Reading: Travel Sized Beauty Must-Haves

Packing the Right Gear

Trekking through the snow is going to require some sturdy winter boots so I chose these nice two-tone Totes boots with the faux fur inside for extra warmth. I got them online from Walmart at a great deal. They have great traction on the bottom and are waterproof as well. To match, I chose a puffy white Nine West jacket with a hood attached. I also got these great Ski Goggles from Amazon. I’m still on the hunt for snow pants which are needed for Skiing and other winter activities. I already had some essentials like gloves, hats, and socks.

The excitement of traveling again has me thrilled. With so much going on around us, an escape to the mountains sounds like just the remedy. I can’t wait to share another exposé on my actual trip.

If you’re heading for the ski slopes, remember to pack smartly, travel safely, and let’s get back to being an Adventress!

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Hi, my name is Catherine. I am 31 from Brooklyn, New York and currently live in Central Florida. My journey for cuisine began years ago out of my love for cooking. I would watch videos and try new recipes which then led me on a journey to explore new restaurants and dive deeper into the world of cuisine. I began photographing the dishes, as well as the restaurant interior and uploading them on Google, where I also write short reviews on my overall visit. Food brings people together and knowing that so many rely on reviews and photos makes me want to continue contributing in any way I can.

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