My Weight Loss Journey + Tips for Healthy Eating

weight loss

Do we even want to talk about 2020? I know that a worldwide pandemic has pretty much taken over the way we are currently living, but I have to say…2020 has been pretty good to me. Or should I say, I have been very good to me and 2020 is when I made the conscious decision to make it happen?

Self Care

This has been a total self care year for me. From making the choice to do something about my physical health to focusing on the health of my relationships and mindset. The biggest change for me so far has been a lifestyle change in my relationship with food. A change that has led to losing 40 lbs and counting! Keep reading to learn about what changes made a big difference and my biggest tips for staying on track.

Structure is Key

If you are like me, and I take full accountability for this, I could eat a big bowl of spaghetti (maybe two) in just one sitting…no regard for portion control whatsoever. I needed to find a structure that worked for me and kept me on track, based on my current (back then) eating habits. TBH, Weight Watchers is really the only food/lifestyle change that has really helped me stay on track. I needed to redefine what foods and portions looked like for me. With three different plans: green, blue, & purple, there is something for everyone. FYI – I am in the green plan, which requires the most tracking and accountability. I also kept some necessary tools on hand at all times, and yes, they even went on vacation with me!

Embrace Fruits & Veggies

I have always been a fan of fruits and vegetables, but now I make a conscious choice to incorporate as many veggies into my daily meals as possible. As a matter of fact, my meals actually revolve around the vegetable as opposed to the other way around. I will also add, that I made the personal choice to go vegan in January 2016, but 2020 brought the plant~based aspect to a whole new level. I was a junk food, carb loving vegan…Don’t get me wrong, I still love junk food and carbs, but they are treats now, not staples in my diet.

I also made the decision to make my own nut and coconut milks. Can I just say…WHAT A GAME CHANGER! My daughter gifted me the Almond Cow for Mother’s Day, and I am completely obsessed. This morning I made my own almond milk, with 6 ingredients…almonds, a little bit of coconut, dates for sweetness, vanilla extract, salt and water. No weird ingredients or emulsifiers…My body is definitely thanking me!

Find Inspiration

I think, especially nowadays, that people are turning to social media for inspiration and motivation, rather than drama and noise. I noticed that a friend of mine, Angela, over at Angela Cruz Tube, had also joined WW and has lost 40 lbs!!! I definitely felt a connection, since I too, had chosen WW as one of my weight loss tools. I also discovered Plantiful Kiki, who has lost over 60 lbs on her healthful journey. It is not just a diet change, it is definitely a mindshift! I was able to adopt so many tips and tricks from these ladies…like eating a 50/50 plate…50% of my meal is veggies and the other 50% are starch, grains, and/or proteins. Now, one of my very best friends told me I inspired her and she started her own WW journey! Full circle baby!

One thing I can say is that my journey is far from over! Follow along with me over on my Facebook or Instagram and see where my new road to over all self care takes me. A new blog post will be coming soon over on my blog Cruelty Free Lucy ๐Ÿ’š I do hope you check it out!

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