Yes, You Can Afford to Take that Dream Vacation- Here’s How


Similar to StubHub, there’s now a way to afford those pricey dream vacations you never thought you could afford. You know we had to let you in on this one. Keep reading for the deets. ELUXIT makes that possible by allowing sellers to sell purchased trips they cannot take and recoup most of the money back. And the best part? Buyers can purchase these high-end vacations at more affordable prices. So it’s a win-win.

Think Big, Travel Bugs

Here’s what you can expect to find- once-in-a-lifetime cultural safaris, yacht charters and private jet experiences, plus sought-after accommodations, adventure tours, sold-out special events and cruises. And for a fraction of the price. As an innovative digital travel marketplace, ELUXIT brings together buyers and sellers of these unique and prized experiences, benefiting both parties.

Travel Problems Resolved

ELUXIT was founded by Los Angeles–based travel industry expert, Bahar Schmidt.

“Throughout my more than 25 years in the luxury travel industry, I’ve seen cancellations of so many truly incredible experiences and so much wasted money, which motivated me to find a solution,”says Schmidt. “I’m thrilled to bring ELUXIT to the world, particularly during a time of so much uncertainty, when the need on both sides is even greater.”

So the next time you’re planning a trip, think big (even on a smaller budget)! The possibilities are endless 😉

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