Xcaret Park and Hotel Re-Open- Here’s What You Should Know

Xcaret Park and Hotel

Throughout my travels, Riviera Maya, Mexico holds so many special memories. My husband took me as a surprise for our ten year wedding anniversary. Everything was perfect from the food, people and places. There is so much beauty there and now, you can make plans to see it for yourself.

📸 Grupo Xcaret

But What About Covid?

The Xcaret group has been working hard to implement safety precautions to prevent any spread. So if you’re ready to travel, pack your bags with confidence. Xcaret Park and Hotel Xcaret Mexico has been gradually resuming operations since June 15. The company also disclosed its robust safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the well-being of visitors, guests, employees and suppliers.

Xcaret Park and Hotel
📸 Grupo Xcaret

What’s the Plan?

Grupo Xcaret’s protocols, named 360 Xafety include 1,300 specific actions, developed in consultation with national and international organizations.

 “People are at the center of Grupo Xcaret’s business model, and safeguarding their safety is one of the main pillars that support our enhanced safety reopening protocols. We are aware of the challenges that the tourism industry faces in regaining travelers trust and believe that the first step is being completely transparent about the measures we are taking to protect them,” said Miguel Quintana, CEO of Grupo Xcaret. “To this end, our open access protocols will be available on our website, not only for potential visitors but for other tourism providers that can use them as guidelines in creating or adapting their own,” he added.

Xcaret Park and Hotel
📸Grupo Xcaret
 Some measures Grupo Xcaret will carry out include:
  • During the first phase of reopening, limiting to 50 percent the occupancy of Xcaret Park and Hotel Xcaret Mexico, as well as transportation services to allow space for social distancing.
  • Temperature checks, through touchless digital devices, of every person entering the facilities and transportation units.
  • The use of masks will be strongly suggested to all park visitors and hotel guests.
  • Encouraging credit card and online payments to reduce physical contact with ticket booth staff.
  •  Disinfecting high contact surfaces up to every 30 minutes with EPA approved broad spectrum and long-lasting residual effect products.
  • Disinfecting the hotel’s guest rooms twice a day.
  • Disinfecting luggage, handbags, and strollers of hotel and tours guests.
  • Limiting capacity of restaurants to allow social distancing.
  • Temporarily converting all self-service food stations to assisted buffet service.
  • Bathroom, showers, and dressing rooms cleaning procedures will use hospital-grade approved products.

Of course, the company will continue to monitor the situation. While I haven’t personally made any new travel plans for the rest of the year, knowing that companies are taking great precaution surely helps. If you’re considering Xcaret Mexico for future travel plans, I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful place and you will just love it!

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