Drive-In Movies: Are they Making a Comeback?


Are Drive In Movie theaters the next best thing? Or were they always the best thing ever. Drive-in theaters are alive and thriving now because walk in movie theaters had to close. Did you miss the drive-in theaters? I really did and I’m so excited about so many of them opening up again. That’s right, they are opening up everywhere, and I love it.

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Change is Good

With so many changes going on in the world, one thing that needs to stay the same is entertainment. Ok, I know, obviously entertainment has also changed but it is the one thing that we as humans must continue to do. We must continue to be entertained. Entertainment keeps us happy, it keeps us sane, it provides hope…and distraction.

Entertainment is Always a Good Idea

Entertainment in my home has always been movies, heck, I work for a movie theater company. But going to the movies has always been the one thing we as a family can agree on doing together.

My husband’s and my 2nd date was at a drive in movie theater. We saw Pet Cemetery and K-9. It was such a great experience, and it solidified that we were suppose to be together forever. 31 years later, we are still enjoying every movie we possibly can.

Drive-In Theaters

We have 2 drive-in movie theaters here in San Antonio, TX. But I wanted to know about other cities, were they starting to open up in other cities? I was blown away by how many Drive-in theaters still existed and how many are starting to open back up. 

Did you know as of 2017 there were still around 330 fully functioning drive-in movie theaters around the country, according to Wikipedia

A Little History for You…

The first drive-in theater was opened in New Jersey in 1933, wow, 1933 seems so long ago. I loved researching and reading about the history of the drive-in theater, and how it was truly the place everyone hung out. Family’s, couples, friends, everyone seemed to be at the drive-in theater back in the day.

Where to Find Drive-In Theaters

There’s a list of the 30 best drive in movie theaters in the country here.
So gather up the family, or your best friends, or your significant other. Hop in your car, or truck, or in my case the Jeep and head out to your local drive-in theater. You may find that you are living a little nostalgia. You may realize that for now, this is the new normal, which to me, is pretty darn cool. 

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