Tips for Celebrating Anniversaries During Quarantine

quarantine anniversaries

One thing this quarantine has most definitely taught us is how to be innovatively and creatively resilient. That includes celebrating special occasions, so here are some tips on celebrating anniversaries during the quarantine.

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📸 Mantra Media of Unsplash

Patio or Deck Café

Here is a way to commemorate the special night while supporting a neighborhood restaurant. Simply transform your deck or patio into a romantic café. Pick up an assortment of flowers from your local supermarket. Order a 5-course meal (be sure to do this before setting table and décor to time appropriately). Arrange flowers in low sitting vases or jars around the table and around the deck and do the same with candles. Now pour the wine, then plate and serve courses accordingly.

quarantine anniversaries
📸 Picjumbo of Pexels

Pickup Picnic

Now for this idea only works for those with access to a pickup truck. In the back of the truck arrange, blankets, throw pillows, florals, favorite framed photo of you two, framed vows if possible or framed sweet texts. Finally, add a picnic basket of your favorite finger foods and spirited beverage to enjoy.

quarantine anniversaries
📸 Roberto Nickson of Pexels

A Private Screening

An intimate backyard movie would be picture perfect to celebrate any anniversary. First you will need to order a smartphone projector. A suggestion with rave reviews is the Projector, Crosstour Mini LED Video Projector Home Theater. Now be sure to have a video collage set to music of your favorite photos and videos prepared to show. Next you would need to setup your projector screen. You will find detailed instructions from Toolbox Diva here: Dollar Tree DIY Outdoor Movie Theater | Projection Screen. Now that your screen and projector are in place, grab a couple of seats, drinks, plenty of movie snacks, and prepare to watch your love story unfold.

Published by Sadie Pegues-Hall

Sadie Pegues-Hall lives in Bucks County, PA and divides her creative time between, event planning and freelance writing. She has been a dating and relationship contributor since 2014 offering honest insight. Sadie has appeared in such publications as Jersey Fashionista Magazine, Height Magazine, Womenz Straight Talk Magazine, Social Lifestyle Magazine and Adventuress Magazine. She has also been seen lending her relationship wisdom on the reality show Learn How to Marry Me and is the content creator for her Youtube channel, Sadie Says It All. Sadie is a wife, a mother to two girls, one of which has autism, a stepmom, and a doggie mom. She is the founder of several autism awareness events which are dear to her heart.

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