Frida Kahlo Fans Celebrate Museum Week 2020 from Home

Frida Kahlo art

Last week, artists and fans around the world celebrated #MuseumWeek2020. One way Frida Kahlo fans celebrated was by recreating her artwork from the exhibit, “Frida y Yo,” through home photos. La Rodadora, a museum located in Juarez, Mexico, is encouraging the world to participate in the challenge by using things from home to recreate Frida Kahlo’s artwork.

“Friday y Yo” is a collaboration La Rodadora museum has with Georges Pompidou Center of Paris, that offers programs and activities for kids to help with self-discovery, perception and more.

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Recreating the Works of Frida Kahlo Through Pictures

One creative way to pass time while at home is through photography. Creatives are using social media outlets like Instagram to share more artistic photos. To recreate one of art’s greatest icons seems so fitting. Frida Kahlo and her unapologetic fashion is always in style. See how these art fans recreated some of her works.

frida kahlo art
📸 Ivonne Franco

Join the Fun!

So many people have joined the Frida Kahlo challenge by sharing their own recreations online. And all you need is whatever you already have at home. Will you join the fun?

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