Setting Boundaries During Quarantine

set boundaries

Just because you’re at home doesn’t give anyone the permission to call or expect your time at all times. Sure, many of us are at home under quarantine but that doesn’t mean we aren’t busy. From work to kids and running a household- there is plenty to do. Not to mention those times when you just can’t function.

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Not today, Susan!

Quite personally, I need time to mentally prepare for literally everything. Washing my hair, cooking a lasagna, getting on a zoom call. Some people can just become available at the drop of a dime. But see, here’s the thing- we all need to realize how different we all are and understand that. Because I’m a certain way, when I ask someone to do a video call or phone call, I usually ask a week in advance. Just in case they need to make time and also to show them that I consider their time.

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Learn to Say No

One of the biggest challenges in my 20s was saying no to people. I would always try to please everyone or if I didn’t feel comfortable, I still attended an event or did people favors. Lack of experience is the only answer I have for that. But over time, I’ve learned that there is power in the word “No.” And I don’t mean this in a negative way. It protects you- your sanity, freedom, energy. It’s empowering. And ok, if it makes you feel better- saying No is also good for the other party. Because who wants the half-ass version of you, right?

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Put Your Phone on Silent

Our phones are super distracting. From texts, emails, calls, and social media. Mute it and if possible, leave it somewhere out of reach for the first few hours of your day. If there’s an emergency call you’re waiting on, keep it on vibrate on a table nearby so you can hear it.

Set Up a Time to Respond to Emails

I know it can be tempting, but I have found that when I’m consistent with my schedule, I work better. Setting up a time to check emails really helps. Otherwise, I tend to fall down the rabbit hole of emails and answering them. I like to start my day with a cup of tea, read emails at 10am, and later before I log off around 5pm.

Create a Signature with Your Schedule

Sometimes we need a break, I get it. But I also get that most of us who still have jobs from home right now are scared to “slack” or ask for a mental break day- because you think you may lose your job. But emails can wait. Create a signature with a message thanking the person for their email and letting them know that during this time, it may take extra time to respond. Many people understand since many people working from home are also parents and trying to manage a job plus homeschool and housework.

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Check On Your Family and Friends

Ok so here’s the moment where I contradict myself. Learn to say no, do what you can but still do check on those you love. We’re all going through this together- some harder than others. A few minutes of conversation, a simple text or video call- even a drop off of baked goods- that human communication is so valuable. Check on people and if you’re feeling down or anxious, tell someone. This way that person you confided in knows to check on you, too.

Hang in there ♥️

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