LEGO: See the World Brick by Brick


It’s unsafe to travel with the current pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy indoors. Keep your mind focused and create fun for the whole family (or yourself). Whether you’re solo or shacked up with your closest loved ones, you can unplug from googling future travel destinations and get building instead.

JET-LEGO SET! LEGO Architecture sets take you on a trip around the world from the comfort of your living room.

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Build Your Next Destination at Home.

If we can’t travel, then we can use our imaginations, right? Here’s a list of cities you can build and explore with the LEGO Architecture sets.


London Architecture Set by LEGO
Wave to Big Ben from your couch! 📸: LEGO


Paris Architecture Set by LEGO
Oui! We can build the Eiffel Tower in one day. 📸: LEGO

New York City

NYC Architecture Set by LEGO
Forget the subways! Tour the NYC skyline at your desk. 📸: LEGO


Dubai Architecture Set by LEGO
Dubai is calling. I’d love to finally visit and explore. For now, we can build our LEGO-legacy at home. 📸: LEGO


Tokyo Architecture Set by LEGO
This one’s also on my must-see list: Tokyo! I could go for some fresh sushi right about now. 📸: LEGO

#LetsBuildTogether (at Home): Play and Learn from Anywhere During the Best and Worst of Times.

If you find yourself building super fast and flying through each set, there are even more activities on! Travel to imagination and beyond with #LetsBuildTogether .

Connect with your family at home through activities to challenge people to get creative and test those critical thinking skills. Playing and building are some great ways to bond with family, while focusing on positive development at the same time.

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