Makeup: Highschool Vs. Now


So there is this trend…you may have stumbled upon it on Tiktok… it’s something called VSCO?!?!  If you haven’t heard about this photo editing app-inspired term of endearment, the VSCO girl, you may be stuck in some kind of crazy apocalyptic pandemic 🤔 We have seen our old high school trends come back around time and time again…and VSCO is no exception! The ’90s are in full effect…just ask Brenda and Kelly!

*This post may contain some affiliate links. All opionions are true and honest.


The ’90s were prime time for me. I graduated high school in ’94 so I was definitely in the thick of it! This ’90s trend totally got me thinking about the makeup I used to wear back then and how it compares to what I carry around in my makeup bag today.  

How does your current makeup bag compare to what you kept in your makeup bag back in high school? Do you still buy the same brands or products?

Lucy’s current favs.

When Less was More

Back in the day, I really only had one of everything in my stash. With a few exceptions here and there, my collection was pretty specific. You know, one lipstick as opposed to 30 😂 

Easy, Breezy Beautiful Foundation 

I had one, and only one, foundation that I always used…The OG CoverGirl Clean Foundation. Once I went cruelty-free I steered clear of the brand, but recently CoverGirl became cruelty-free and they released the vegan Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation 💗 I’m obsessed and it is now my daily go-to!

📸 Natalie Merola

Trusty Black Eyeliner

I was doing the wing before the wing was a thing!  Back then we didn’t have all these fancy eyeliners! I was not picky when I came to eyeliner brands…what was important was having a trusty lighter handy!  Voila! The invention of a gel liner! This little trick still works if you’re using a pencil liner and it really creates a more intense yet simple line.

📸 Scunci Velour Scrunchies

“I do believe we are in the presence of a scrunchy.”

-Carrie Bradshaw

Who knew that the scrunchy would ever make a comeback?  

I literally had one to match every babydoll dress I owned 😉  Well the VSCO girl is no different! The scrunchy trend is strong and ita back in different patterns and fabrics, even velvet!  While I still love me a scrunchy I have since graduated to the spiral hair tie, aka the phone cord hair tie! I sleep with a top pony and my hair is way easier to work within the morning…full volume and fabulous!

Love’s Baby Soft

A Signature Scent

Regardless of then or now, I think the style of my signature scent is still pretty much along the same lines. Love’s Baby Soft was it for me. To this day, if one of my friends happens to smell it somewhere they always tell me it reminds them of me!  My new signature scent obsession is the Go Naked Perfume Oil from Urban Decay…it is soft, sultry and sexy!


Brown Lipstick 

Back then my go-to shade was the L’Oreal shade Real Raisin. It was a cool-toned brown maybe combo that just screamed Mall Rats. Nowadays, I still find myself reaching for similar shades, but also expanding into deeper, richer variations.  Some of my faves are the Ambreesh 24 Karat Lips in #comegetme, the KVD Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lippie in Project Chimps and the Aether Beauty Radiant Ruby Lip Creme in Rose Cedar 🌹

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Now that I’ve shown you mine, you have to show us yours! Channel your inner VSCO girl and share your favorite 90’s makeup products in the comments! What product do you wish was still around today?

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