Hey Girl, Love Yourself, Ok?

Sexuality, in general, is a beautiful expression of life and love. It comes in such a wide palette of shades that we cannot even begin to imagine its deepest, darkest blacks, nor the purest, brightest whites. First of all, we should point out that this little peek into the female mind is far from all-encompassing or thorough. This is more of a curious attempt to look at several variables that have a strong presence in female sexuality and arousal, to at least scratch the surface of this age-old enigma.

It might help us get a deeper understanding of our own desires and recognize some of our unspoken needs. Or we might simply start asking more relevant questions to unveil new bits of our own identities, which will grant us more freedom to seek and create pleasure.

The Limitless Ranges of Arousal

Have you ever felt a tingle of excitement after gazing into your lovers’ eyes, without a single touch to ensue? Or have you craved only to be hugged, rather than to orgasm? These finesses vary so wildly depending on your mood, the setting, the moment in your life, and, predictably, your hormones and that time of the month. There are even more responses than there are factors that impact your feeling of sexual excitement – and the latter are practically innumerable.

We find ourselves overwhelmed with sadness, but desire persists, for some, it even becomes amplified in times of grief. And yet we might feel reluctant to act upon our wishes in a perfectly everyday scenario. Yet the most beautiful truth in all of this colorful diversity is that all of those shades are normal, healthy, and constantly fleeting – they are not only individual but fluctuate and change within the same person.


Among many things that drive our desire, how you see yourself and what you feel for yourself make up a large piece of the sexuality puzzle – your self-image is one of the key forces that fuel pleasure, initiative, and desire altogether. Studies show that by altering our appearance through surgery, we can actually overcome certain setbacks, thus making aesthetic surgery a liberating experience that unlocks desire.

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The Intricate Impact of Values

Yet another complex question that is bound to lead to even more questions is the impact of our upbringing and values on the way we express our sexual desires. Anything from a conservative household and religion, all the way to an environment that doesn’t embrace that particular thing you like, can play a part in shaping your sexual self. We often don’t even recognize to what extent our culture has affected our sexuality, but rebellion and restrictions often lead to various extremes.

Simply put, your turn-ons and turn-offs might be partially a product of what your parents have taught you, or what is prevalent in your culture. Or, they might be the exact opposite, a response of your sexuality struggling to rise to the surface. To that end, we can already see that certain societies respond with creating discussion groups, and the World Wide Web is always a well of opportunities for like-minded individuals to explore what has formed their sexual identity. What matters is that the dialogue is broadening, and its participants grow more numerous by the day, both online and offline.

The Unity of Body and Mind

On a final note, among the slew of things we don’t know about female sexuality, the one thing that we do know is that it’s an intricate web of our physical self, including our appearance, our biological, most primal self, and our psychological, emotional existence

No matter how much we learn about its many manifestations, it will remain a mystery even to us who live and embody it – so why not at least enjoy every minute of it in all of its beautiful, diverse forms, and celebrate our uniqueness?


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Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She has been writing for as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.

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