Staycation: Travel in the Time of Corona


While we encourage our readers to travel, this may not be the best time. Many people have come home to quarantine or had to stay trapped on cruise ships. Is it worth all of that? Probably not. So we’ve come up with some fun ideas on planning a staycation during your quarantine.

What’s a Staycation?

In case you weren’t sure, a staycation is basically a vacation but at home. It’s time off spent at home relaxing and disconnecting from the world for a little bit. So let’s think of this time as just that- a staycation.

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Set Up Your Suite

First things first, create a suite just like you would want to stay in at a resort. Tidy up your bedroom and give it the right ambiance. Use all-white bedding, turn on the diffuser or add some tropical scents, add a bed tray with some sweets and wine, and add a towel critter while you’re at it 😉

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Create an Itinerary

Get creative and make a fun schedule for your day. Include meals, games, movies, wine tasting, dancing, karaoke, outdoor yoga (in the yard), and more. Get fancy and plan a fine dining experience by dressing up and ordering from a nice local restaurant.

Shake it Up

Make tropical cocktails and load up a beach screen saver on your tv. Or maybe you had to cancel a trip to Italy- print out an Italian flag, play some opera, and pour some wine. Bring the destination to your home. It’s time to get creative, folks!

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Dance it Out

One thing that boosts moods, immunity, and energy is dancing. So put on the music and dance it out! Freestyle at home or get online and learn a new dance- so many pros are teaching free classes right now. We are all under stress, worried and anxious with this whole thing. But as they say in Puerto Rico, “olvida tus penas,” forget your worries- and dance!

stay home
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Stay Home

We know all of this stinks. We’re all in this together and we’re really all depending on each other to stay healthy and get through this. So please stay home, wash your hands, and keep others safe by social distancing 💜

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