Why Dating Yourself Is Important

self care

Life is what it is. It is busy, hectic and can be chaotic. As women, many of us play many roles and it is majorly important that we practice balance. That’s why dating yourself is so important.

Dating Yourself?

Yes, you read that right. I’ve found one fun way to do that is by what I like to call, “dating myself.” Some call is “self-love” or “self-care.” Whatever you want to call it, just be sure to practice it. Yes, it’s nice to have someone else “date” you, but who else knows what you need more than you? No one. And before expecting someone else to love you, you must first love thyself!

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Massages, Manicures, and Therapy, Yes Please!

An effortless way to take care of yourself is to let others take care of you. Getting a massage can be a great way to force yourself to not do anything, that also means not even thinking. I like to place my mind on pause as if the masseur is massaging all the stresses of my mind away. Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your mind, and an excellent way of doing that is with a little therapy or simple relaxation.

date yourself
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Love Who You Are

If you find enjoyment in taking a pottery class, but can never find anyone with an interest, then go take that class on your own. It’s not an act of desperation. This is you doing something that brings you fulfillment. Doing things that bring you joy is a part of loving yourself and giving yourself what you need.

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Dating Yourself
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Girl, You Did That!

Acknowledge your accomplishments. We all have different levels of success we want to achieve in life. Whether it be finishing your first book or finishing that first chapter, congratulate yourself. It could even be just making it out of bed that day or not overeating or talking a walk. We do not know one another’s struggles, but you do know yours and if you’ve overcome anything girl, celebrate yourself you deserve it!

Published by Sadie Pegues-Hall

Sadie Pegues-Hall lives in Bucks County, PA and divides her creative time between, event planning and freelance writing. She has been a dating and relationship contributor since 2014 offering honest insight. Sadie has appeared in such publications as Jersey Fashionista Magazine, Height Magazine, Womenz Straight Talk Magazine, Social Lifestyle Magazine and Adventuress Magazine. She has also been seen lending her relationship wisdom on the reality show Learn How to Marry Me and is the content creator for her Youtube channel, Sadie Says It All. Sadie is a wife, a mother to two girls, one of which has autism, a stepmom, and a doggie mom. She is the founder of several autism awareness events which are dear to her heart.

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