Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo (at least once)

solo traveler

It sounds scary. Getting on a plane alone, staying in a hotel alone, eating alone. Doing everything alone in a foreign place. When I tell my friends about my experience traveling solo, they look horrified. They question how I handled it, if I was afraid or if I felt homesick. Yes, yes and yes is the answer. But here’s why every woman should travel solo (at least once).

plane window

Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo (at least once)

  1. You’ll Gain Confidence- Yes, when traveling solo, I am usually a bit uneasy. But on those trips, I’ve done things that I became proud of. For example, on one trip, I made new friends (who I still keep in touch with) and we made so many great memories together. On another, I drove up a mountain (I’m afraid of heights!) and went to a shooting range making almost every shot. And really just getting myself settled, exploring new places on my own- those are all sort of “pat yourself on the back” moments. Traveling alone has taught me to be a little more confident and to believe in myself more.
  2. A sense of freedom- When traveling alone, there’s a freeing feeling you get. There’s no one to stress you out with time or choosing where to eat; etc. There’s no group drama and you can do whatever you want. I like to keep my room tidy and hate anyone moving my things so when traveling alone, it’s nice to have that peace. I like to watch certain series at night and sometimes I stay up writing. I could never do that quietly with a group. However, I always miss my kid when I’m away. And that’s pretty rough.
  3. Time to reflect- Having alone time gives you some time to reflect. When in the hotel room, I take some time to work on lists for personal goals, work goals; etc. I also take time to write new articles, update things on my website and more. Prayer, meditation and yoga are also nice to do when in a quiet place.
  4. You’ll miss everyone more- Ok, so if you’re in a relationship, you may miss your significant other more when you’re apart. Personally, I miss my daughter a lot since we are always together. But I also miss my husband and when I return it’s always nice to go to dinner and catch up. I know he kind of hates it when I leave for work trips, too. He always makes comments that hint at it. 😆
  5. Give yourself a mental break- Being away puts you in a different environment which makes your mind busy focusing on other things. You’ll be too busy exploring and wanderlusting around to think about stress or any nonsense you usually deal with.
savannah GA
Me on a solo work trip in Savannah, GA.

While solo travel might seem scary to many, I think everyone should do it at least once. Just remember to practice safety. Be aware of your surroundings, keep your belongings in a safe, secure place, don’t drink too much with strangers and let someone know where you are if you feel the need (I drop a pin to my mom as a safety precaution). But do it because you only live once and it truly is quite an experience! You may discover something new about yourself and you’ll surely gain a new level of confidence 😉

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