Charleston, South Carolina: How it Took My Breath Away


I recently had the opportunity to explore Charleston, South Carolina while on a work trip, and while there I did what I do best… explore.

I am infamous for doing what I call a “twofer” (2 for 1). Whenever I travel for work, I ALWAYS make sure that I explore the area where I’m staying on my downtime. Yes, I am pooped by the end of the adventure, but my motto is, I will sleep when I get home. And because of this mindset, I’ve been able to create some of the most amazing memories, met some of the coolest people and seen some of the most fabulous places! My latest and coolest adventures: Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina: How it Took My Breath Away

Charleston’s Southern Charm

I have always been intrigued by this gorgeous and soulful place, but never thought I would actually visit. To be honest, I wasn’t ready for its southern charm and dynamic hospitality. It literally took my breath away!

Everyone was innately friendly, the nightlife was inviting, popping and the food was incredible. I totally see why it is considered the country’s most beloved city.

Hotel Bennett. 📸 Dawn Gibson Thigpen

Suggested places to visit:

  • King Street
    • If you are looking for a soulful atmosphere, shopping and a lively nightlife this 300 year old street is where you can find all those things and more.
  • Hotel Bennet
    • While strolling along King Street, you may want to stop in the luxurious Hotel Bennet and have lunch or just take in all of this beauty. It is luxury at its finest, and the South’s grandest new luxury hotel.
  • Cooper River Bridge
    • Also known as the Arthur Ravenal Jr Bridge, it is simply stunning and great for taking in the extraordinary view while getting your morning/evening working out on.
  • Charleston Harbor Cruise
    • This cruise is literally 90 minutes of beauty and relaxation. While on the 1920s-Bay-Steamer-replica yacht I had an opportunity to experience Charleston from a different view and it is pretty epic.
Oysters – Restaurant Burwells. 📸 Beena

The Food

Question…Have you ever been to a city where EVERYTHING you ate was extremely delicious? If not, Charleston is the place to go.

I kid you not, everything from the seafood to the gourmet burgers were delicious. Even the bed of greens that my burger came on was seasoned to perfection.

Me in front of the Calhoun Mansion. 📸 Dawn Gibson Thigpen

A Historic District to Die For

There is so much rich history in Charleston! It was interesting and a bit surreal to be in a place that was once the largest slave port in the United States.

Additionally, while out exploring I stumbled upon the Calhoun Mansion. Once called the “handsomest and most complete private residence in the South”. It was built in 1876 for $200,000 and the lot was purchased for $40,000 in Confederate currency, which is insane because most homes today don’t sell for that much.

I didn’t have the time, but if ever in the area please take the Calhoun Mansion tour along with Charleston Civil War tour. A trusted source told me that they are both great!

Cannon and balls. 📸 Dawn Gibson Thigpen
Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. 📸 Dawn Gibson Thigpen

Scenic and Stunning

I am completely obsessed with Charlestons scenic routes and swampy areas. I drove through the Magnolia Plantation and Garden and literally was in awe! It is the oldest public tourist site in the Low-country and is absolutely stunning. The swamps are creepy, mystical, yet completely fascinating!

Additionally, this garden, was selected as one of “America’s Most Beautiful Gardens” (Travel + Leisure Magazine), and is the only garden honored with this distinction in the State of South Carolina!

During my time in Charleston, I realized that there is such a rich history and so many hidden gems to explore. What hidden gems have you discovered while traveling? Inquiring minds would love to know.

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…
Stay Sassy

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  1. Love love loved this post! Looks like you had tons of fun in Charleston. The way you described the food got me hungry, and the scenery there seems stunning! GREAT POST Ms.Sassy Dawn! Looking forward to many more posts! Keep it up.

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