Going Cruelty-Free in 1-2-3!

milk bath

Have you been thinking of transitioning to cruelty-free products, but really don’t know where to start?
No worries, you got this. Let’s focus on three easy steps that will help you make the jump to #crueltyfree that much easier! It really is a very easy transition if you stay focused and dedicated to the task at hand.


READY? 1-2-3!

  1. Make a list of cruelty-free brands
  2. Destashing
  3. Clean out your social media

Make a List of #CrueltyFree brands

Most likely if you go online you will find multiple sites that have put together lists of cruelty-free brands. I recommend going simple and sticking to the most respected site, Cruelty-Free International. It is recognized worldwide, as well as, has a stipulation in their agreement to allow the performance of independent evaluations of brand practices. While some brands may already covet the Leaping Bunny logo, some brands on their list do not. It’s always a good rule of thumb to check the list first! I am also a big fan of the site, Logical Harmony. They have a very comprehensive list of cruelty-free, as well as, non-cruelty free brands to avoid.



When making the choice to go cruelty-free, it can happen one of two ways…cold turkey or from this point forward. Going cold turkey will require a deep dive of all the products you currently own while moving forward allows you to keep your current stash and make conscious purchasing decisions as products start to expire or run out. When I went cruelty-free I decided it was better for me to do a little bit of both. I went through all my products and Marie Kondo’d my way to an organized vanity! 😆
TIP: Clean out any purses and/or bags you may have products in and put them where you house all your cosmetics products.

Using your list of cruelty-free brands, filter your stash. Most likely there will be a few brands not on either list; set those aside for a little online research. By now you probably have a little pile of unknowns. Now for a little research! Thank goodness for the internet, huh? Visit the company’s website and go to their FAQ’s. Many times, one of those frequently asked questions will address the company’s animal testing policy.

📸Lucy Valdez

Clean Out Your Social Media

How often do we see something on social media and we just have to have it? What better way to avoid companies that test on animals than to NOT follow them on social media?!?! This may take a while but if you focus on one platform at a time, you can probably get it done in about a week. This also sends a message to those companies as they lose their followers, especially if you leave a goodbye comment, “Sorry! I wish you were cruelty-free! Goodbye!” I also recommend replacing them with cruelty-free brands to spark your interest in what they are posting. Just refer to your handy dandy list and start exploring! I have found some amazing brands simply by searching the hashtag #crueltyfree or #crueltyfreebeauty. You can check mine out @crueltyfreelucy on Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest.

Sam & Lucy

I hope this post has helped you make the transition to cruelty-free simple & easy! Please comment below with your experience and what new brand you may have uncovered. I am always on the lookout for new cruelty-free brands 🐰🌱

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