What Not to Do On a Couple’s Trip


You are finally going on that long-awaited getaway with your love. Maybe it’s your very first trip together, perhaps it’s one of many, either way, you want to make it the best trip ever. Here are a few things not to do when on a couple’s trip.

couple arguing
Kiss and make up. Enjoy your trip! 📸Canva

Don’t Complain

No matter how much you plan, everything may not go exactly how you want it to. One major mistake you can make is to go on and on about a situation for the duration of the trip. Whatever happened may have sucked but you don’t want to be responsible for being that dark cloud on what is also your companion’s getaway. There may be hiccups but finding the positive in any situation is always the better way to go. You have the rest of your vacation to go so make it a memorable one.

selfie time
Do you really need a picture of a picture? 📸Rachel Crowe

Don’t Take Too Many Pictures

Live in the moment! We all want to document every beautiful moment and monument we see but do not get so caught up in trying to get the right shot, that you miss experiencing the view. Also, be mindful of how many shots you’re having your mate to take of you and how many you’re snapping of them. It suddenly begins to feel less like a getaway and more like a job. Take a few photos (or videos) and enjoy your getaway! No matter, whether they’re perfectly centered or not, just capturing those memories, will bring you smiles for years to come. Perfectly imperfect.

packing luggage
Fit it all in a carry-on and skip baggage pickup! 📸Brandless

Don’t Overpack

Simplicity is the best. Bringing too many items on a relaxing getaway can quickly turn your trip not so relaxing. If you have to check bags for a getaway, that’s no fun. And think of what a disaster your bedroom will be when selecting outfits. Do not bring that chaos with you. You do not want to create a situation where your significant other is waiting for you for too long just to go to dinner. It’s smart to bring items that can simply be mixed and matched, one-piece ensembles or sets that making dressing easy. Bring a versatile handbag and shoes, too. Most people that overpack admit to not wearing everything they packed. So why not avoid it altogether?

Don’t Stick to a Strict Itinerary

I love having a plan, but this is a time for you to not stick to a strict itinerary. Having somewhat of an agenda is great, but be sure to explore and just relax with your beau. There is magic in stumbling upon a gem you had no idea existed, and it’s even more fun discovering it together. There’s nothing wrong with winging it, too. You won’t be disappointed with all the adventures you may have together.

Enjoy one another’s company. Forget about the rest. 📸Canva

Don’t Spend Too Much Time on Social Media

We all love sharing all the cool places we’re visiting and interesting foods we’re eating but there’s no need to post it all at the moment it’s happening. Post a couple, save the rest, and you can even tease your followers by letting them know there’s more to come. Or do the posting on your downtime by the pool…or after you get back. Just remember, it can be fun catching everyone up on your excursions after you’ve lived them.

One to Grow on

Going on a couple’s trip is always fun and exciting, but now that you have a few ins and outs about some of the don’ts, you should be more than ready to plan your next adventure. Remember: relax, live in the moment and enjoy each other’s company!

Happy travels!

Published by Sadie Pegues-Hall

Sadie Pegues-Hall lives in Bucks County, PA and divides her creative time between, event planning and freelance writing. She has been a dating and relationship contributor since 2014 offering honest insight. Sadie has appeared in such publications as Jersey Fashionista Magazine, Height Magazine, Womenz Straight Talk Magazine, Social Lifestyle Magazine and Adventuress Magazine. She has also been seen lending her relationship wisdom on the reality show Learn How to Marry Me and is the content creator for her Youtube channel, Sadie Says It All. Sadie is a wife, a mother to two girls, one of which has autism, a stepmom, and a doggie mom. She is the founder of several autism awareness events which are dear to her heart.

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